New skirts


Super sexy slinky skirt. Inspired by my obsession with mermaids these skirts are fitted through the knee with a no-elastic waistband so no digging in! skirt is more relaxed past the knee with shorter hem in front for easy walking and little puddle train in back for the glamour we all desire in our lives. I am going to be living in mine all summer! #LiveInClothes These are not the cheap skirts you see in most stores. These are sewn properly so I’ve got your back, no butt cheeks showing! SHOP HERE



#Farallon #Mermaid #Maxi #Skirt #Sexy #Yummy #LiveInClothes #Handmade #Los Angeles #USA #Local #FairWaged #NochildLabor #RenewablySourced #Ocean #Wahine #Surfer #CultContemporary

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