Chi-Lan Lieu loving Farallon

Chi-Lan writeup

Self proclaimed Lifestyle Curator & TV personality Chi-Lan Lieu talking about Farallon on her blog 🙂 Check her out here:

“I was on THE TALK today for their Baby Shower Show. Because the show has so many products and moving parts, we do a pre-tape. That means we do the show like it is live, and put it on tape. I’ll talk more about the show this week, but this post is all about that AMAZE-BALLS skirt!

I LOVE this neon pink skirt. It can be worn as a very on-trend maxi skirt, with a slight fish tail at the back to give it some more sass! And if you’re wearing it to the beach, it can also be pulled up to be a strapless dress. That’s two outfits in one. And they both work wonderfully. I love that this skirt has a lining so no undergarment lines are detectible. I love the luxurious feel of the soft cotton, and the stretchiness of the fabric. It clings in all the right places, and hides all the right imperfections. I will be buying a few more neon colored ones for the summer!

You can get yours here:

If wearing neon anywhere on your body is intimidating, think of it this way. All brights go well with black and white for contrast. You can  see them as a neutral that pop against another simple design (like this high-contrast black and white geometric top), or as an element of surprise matched with a cool paisley full of color. The secret to rocking something bold is just knowing you’re making it work. And once you step into this skirt, you’re making it work. It’s that hot and easy.

(PS. this is a friend’s line, and she sent me a skirt to try. I don’t get paid for my opinion, nor for your order. But I am whole-heartedly in love with this skirt and wanted to share!)”


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